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Los Angeles 




Production Designer



Rick Craft is a rapidly emerging Los Angeles based artist with great prominence in both the film and photography realms. Current contributions stretch from prolific fashion editorials to the big screen to his new emotionally evoking publication in print- the “Reaction” series (2015).  As a photographer, his images evoke a concise cinematic presence with beautiful yet often dark undertones, each encapsulating an illuminating narrative left to the viewer to decipher. 


Originating from Virginia Beach, Craft has molded his film direction from influencers such as James Wan and Guillermo Del Toro, while his present day imagery is often paralleled to that of eccentric photographer David Lachapelle. What notably deviates Craft is his articulate and passionate demeanor and ability to stray from the static role to instead take initiative and ensure all aspects of production are seamless and result in a mesmerizing product of original conceptualization. 


Recent significant achievements include Nominated Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Short of the 2015 Burbank International Film Festival and notable award winning director of the Phillip K. Dick Best Horror Short. In addition, Craft has made an exceptional presence with prominent entertainers and affluent artists that has resulted in accruing work of distinctive ubiquity. Future productions in development will entail a rousing feature film which is projected to emerge Craft’s name as a momentous director in the making.

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